GRP78: Database IDs

Database IDs

Grp78/BiP belongs to the HSP70 family of chaperones and is encoded by a single copy gene in the human genome (HSPA5) as well as in the mouse genome (Hspa5) 26. Table 1 summarizes database IDs of the ER-resident HSP70 family member, Grp78/BiP (HspA5).

Table 1: Human and mouse orthologs of Grp78/BiP (HspA5)

  Human Mouse
Entrez Gene 3309 14828
Ensembl ENSG00000044574 ENSMUSG00000026864
UniProt P11021 P20029
Reference sequence (mRNA) NM_005347.4 NM_001163434.1
Reference sequence (Protein) NP_005338.1 NP_001156906.1
Gene locus Chr9:125,234,853-125,241,330 Chr2:34,771,970-34,777,547
Pfam PF00012 PF00012